Protecting European Beekeepers

The hybrid event "Beekeeping: an agricultural sector under threat" was held on May 23, 2023.

Event addressed significant challenges in beekeeping, such as unsustainable colony losses and decreased production due to climate change.

Discussions included market fraud, revealing that 46% of honey in the EU is non-compliant or suspect.

Solutions to tackle honey fraud and unfair competition were explored, with input from EU officials, beekeepers, and consumer advocates.

Kestutis Garalevicius, the founder of ApisBaltic, stated his view as a professional beekeeper whose living is based on beekeeping. As young Lithuanian professional beekeepers, we are deeply concerned about the future of beekeeping in the EU. We face severe financial challenges due to suppressed honey prices and high operational costs, exacerbated by insufficient subsidies. The influx of adulterated honey further threatens our market and consumer health. We urge the implementation of stringent border controls and improved import inspections to protect our industry, ensure genuine honey quality, and support the sustainability of EU agriculture. Your attention and immediate action are crucial.

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