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Buckfast Queen Naturally Mated (Overwintered)

Buckfast Queen Naturally Mated (Overwintered)

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Buckfast Queens (Overwintered)

Shipping between April and June. Please be advised that shipping days will depend on weather conditions. We do not ship queens is ambient temperature is below 12 degrees Celsius.

Explore the exceptional qualities of our Buckfast bee queens, renowned for their resilience and efficiency. Developed through extensive selective breeding, this strain has evolved from a simple hybrid to a distinguished race with stabilized genetics.

Renowned for their exceptional gentleness, these bees were celebrated by Brother Adam as "unusually gentle bees." Their calm demeanor not only makes them a joy to manage but also reduces the need for intensive labor during handling, a trait particularly valued in large beekeeping operations.

The Buckfast bees excel in spring development, starting the season gradually but quickly expanding as the weather and consistent pollen flows stabilize. This characteristic ensures robust colony growth and sustained honey production.

A defining trait of the Buckfast bee is its low tendency to swarm, significantly reducing the labor and costs associated with managing swarming in commercial beekeeping settings. This feature, along with their efficient use of honey stores, makes them ideal for areas with harsh winters where resources must be carefully conserved.

Moreover, their superior hygienic behaviors are critical in disease prevention, particularly their Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) capability. This trait enables them to detect and eliminate bee pupae infested by the parasitic Varroa destructor mite, contributing to the overall health and longevity of the colony.

Our Buckfast bee queens are the perfect choice for beekeepers looking for a durable, low-maintenance breed that promises high yields and minimal upkeep. They are truly among the best bees in the world, ready to enhance your beekeeping success.

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