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Carnica Queen Naturally Mated (Overwintered)

Carnica Queen Naturally Mated (Overwintered)

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Carnica Queen Bees (Overwintered)

Shipping between April and June. Please be advised that shipping days will depend on weather conditions. We do not ship queens is ambient temperature is below 12 degrees Celsius.

A distinguished subspecies of the Western honey bee acclaimed for their docility and resilience. Originating from the regions of the Kočevje area in Carniola, the southern parts of the Austrian Alps, and diverse territories across Eastern Europe, these queens bring exceptional qualities to any apiary.

Distinctive Features:

  • Robust Foraging Skills: These bees excel in colder climates and can actively forage under suboptimal weather conditions, ensuring consistent honey production and ample pollen collection when other bees might not venture out.
  • Adaptability to Winter: Carniolans are capable of thriving through the winter with minimal honey stores, forming smaller clusters to conserve energy and resources, which aids their early spring recovery.
  • Health and Disease Resistance: Naturally resistant to many common bee diseases, especially brood diseases, these bees ensure a healthier hive with less need for chemical treatments.
  • Intelligent Brood Management: Their brood production smartly adjusts according to the availability of food, reducing their population during scarcities to sustain the hive efficiently.
  • Precise Orientation: With a remarkable sense of orientation, these bees exhibit very low rates of drifting between hives, which helps in maintaining colony integrity and reducing disease spread.
  • Ease of Handling: Perfect for beekeepers of all levels, Carnica bees are remarkably gentle, making hive management a stress-free experience. Their non-aggressive nature is ideal for apiaries located in residential areas.

Benefits of Carnica Queens:

These queens are perfect for beekeepers looking to expand or improve their colonies with hardy, efficient bees renowned for their minimal upkeep requirements. Bring a touch of excellence and proven resilience into your apiary with our Carnica Queens.


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