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Ligustica (Finnish Selection) Queen Naturally Mated (Overwintered)

Ligustica (Finnish Selection) Queen Naturally Mated (Overwintered)

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Overwintered Italian Queens.

Shipping between April and June. Please be advised that shipping days will depend on weather conditions. We do not ship queens is ambient temperature is below 12 degrees Celsius.

Originating from the temperate regions of continental Italy, the Italian honey bee is a subspecies that has withstood the test of time, likely surviving the last Ice Age. Known for its adaptability, the Italian bee thrives in diverse climates from subtropical to cool temperate, though it finds less success in humid tropical environments.

Key Characteristics:

  • Early Spring Development: Our Italian queens initiate brood production early.
  • Honey Production: Known for their excellent honey yields, Italian bees are the standard in honey production. However, they tend to reduce activity on cooler, overcast days.
  • Behavioral Traits: These bees are known for their gentle nature, making them easy to manage and ideal for both novice and experienced beekeepers. They are less prone to swarming and exhibit minimal use of propolis.
  • Winter Resilience: While they do not form tight winter clusters, which requires more food to maintain heat, our bees manage to maintain adequate warmth through sizable winter clusters, ensuring survival and health through colder months.

Benefits for Beekeepers:

  • Low Maintenance: Due to their gentle nature and low tendency to swarm, Italian queens reduce the need for frequent hive interventions.
  • Disease Resistance: Robust against common bee ailments, our queens ensure a healthy colony.
  • Optimal for Large Operations: Their stable nature and consistent honey production make them ideal for larger beekeeping enterprises.

At Apis Baltic, queens are packaged in ventilated containers. We ensure that your new queens arrive healthy and ready to thrive in their new home.

Choose Apis Baltic for Italian queen bees that promise a successful, productive beekeeping experience.

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